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Sketch of two photos combined together #headress #sketch #drawing #indianheadress #tattoodesign

Please don’t get this tattooed on you. It’s inappropriate and wrong
sincerely, a native girl whos tired of seeing NDN women with war bonnets as ~edgy~ tattoos 

Whao excuse ME but that’s just plain rude to say that about someone’s artwork, whether it be true or not but now I look silly and a bad racist for having this up not knowing it was even slightly racist? I can’t even delete the original post because I don’t even know how to, this wasn’t originally a tattoo design it was actually for a college assignment but people just kept saying ‘oh it would make a lovely tattoo’.If someone could tell me how to delete the original post that would be lovely, I’d rather not have racist blogs share around my artwork in a negative way thanks.

This is literally a drawing of a white woman in a war bonnet, how could this not be racist.
To delete the original post, go on your blog, through the main url,
Type “Native American” or whatever you tagged this post with, and then delete it. I’ve done it on my own blog, if you need help, I’d be happy to help.
Also, we’re not racist.
She was nice about it too, what the hell is your problem? 
Don’t make racist artwork and it won’t be shared in a negative way. Are you this bad about accepting criticism in general?

And remember that one doesn’t need to have the bad intention for it to be racist

Are you guys being serious? This artworks not racist! “Oh god no someone’s wearing a Indian headdress”, does that mean every photo someone takes wearing a headdress prob or something is racist when kids play the game ‘cowboys and Indians’ there being racist too?

You do realizs they are legit going to say yes to that?

The racism repellant’s blog seems to be pretty hateful to white people at times.. just sayin’. Also racism repellant do you know what racism actually is “dear”? It’s the idea of being hateful or feeling superior to a person or people purely due to their ethic background. So drawing a pretty cool tattoo design with a white girl wearing a headress is not racist! Its awesome and was not meant with any hateful intent at all. Who the fuck cares if it is sacred she hasnt made a tattoo design with a white girl throwing it on the ground and burning it! If anything she is treating it with the utmost respect by drawing it that well. So how about you get a grip and stop being so pathetic. We are all against racism here but by saying white people can’t wear something because they are white, is the most racist thing I’ve seen on this post.
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Little Qualicum Falls II  ➾ Luke Gram

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