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Vacant Beach | Torrell Booker
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~My Hidden Nirvana~
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Beynac-et-Cazenac / Dordogne by Thierry Dulau
Anonymous: 'Mate' I can see perfectly fine, you have literally just said she doesn't eat hahaha

Like I previously said… cunt! Go suffocate in your girlfriend’s cellulite covered arse cheeks you fucking goat. Really takes a strong person to anonymously message someone talking about their girlfriend but wont even have the balls to tell you who they are! Save us both the time and effort and go die of ebola.

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Anonymous: I have looked at her and she's anorexic as fuck. There is nothing to be jealous of she's not that nice, also I would rather "bum a whale" than a twig

Hahahhaa are you being serious?! Mate why don’t you get your head out of that whale’s rolls so you can actually see straight. Fuck yeah my girlfriend is skinny, but shes no twig, she has a decent figure unlike the hippos you probably let piss all over that ugly mug you call a face. At least I can get a blowjob off my girlfriend without getting worried she’s gonna eat it you fucking cunt. You seem so tough hiding behind an anon persona… why dont you press that button and show tumblr what a complete twat looks like?

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Anonymous: How do you like skin and bones on a girl? It's disgusting and not attractive at all.

Right. For a start every human has skin and bone so what fucking insects are you getting with?

Also if you look at my girlfriend she isn’t just skin and bone. She has an absolutely gorgeous face and a stunning body, with curves in all the right places (not like the fucking whales you probably bum). She is beautiful in every way possible and you need to stop being jealous you fat salad dodger. My girlfriend is slim and beautiful the way she is, so get your head out your arse and sort yourself out before you start judging other people you cunt.

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